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Who is this for?

Rugby and Rugby League player

You are an amateur and or aspiring athlete who wants to get stronger, faster and move better, you want to be confident in your conditioning and be more explosive.

Youth athlete

You are focused on being the best you can be, and want guidance and help with your programming and your sports, setting a strong foundational base and building on that.

Everyday Athlete

This is the athlete, that I now am, maybe you are a former athlete a mum, dad or just someone keen to get qualified training you are wanting to stay strong, be strong and get stronger as you age, training in a way that’s individualised for your needs whether that’s a pick-up game with friends, chasing your kids, or taking on your next physical challenge I've got your back.



Thanks so much J, on behalf of all the Barnes boys that you helped over the holidays. You put us in a better position than anyone I know for the start of the season. 


Thanks a lot, Jason for all the time and effort you've put into helping us out - I can speak for everybody and say we appreciate it massively and it definitely helped us develop as athletes.


Thank you Jason for everything and helping us all improve 

as athletes. 

I'm incredibly grateful for the work you have done with me to help get stronger and faster. 

Weight Lifting

Small Group (3-4ppl)

The major difference between the face-to-face sessions is the presence of the coach which provides another level of coaching which cannot simply be surpassed due to you being under an experienced watchful eye each training session. 

This gives you and the coach the ability to adapt the programme and give immediate feedback on the spot.

Small group training offers close to the same level of attention but within a small group with common goals.

Small group training sessions offer a more affordable way to be coached in person and are often quite enjoyable when shared with friends, teammates and other people with similar outlooks. 

One-to-One Prices range from £35 for 30min to £50 per hour

For Small group training please contact me with the number of people in the group, time of day, and availability throughout the week.

If you are interested in One-to-One or Small group training contact Jason.

Please note: currently, this is only available in Lindfield, Haywards Heath and surrounding areas. 


* price varies depending on peak or off-peak times.

Team Sessions

Working with large or small teams I have been delivering a variety of sessions across different aspects of Athletic development/Strength and Conditioning

This has ranged from

  • Field-based speed, power and agility programmes with youth and adults, Conditioning work for team sports.

  • Gym sessions for youth and adult teams

  • Exercise circuits for strength, conditioning/work capacity

  • Athletic development sessions for youth athletes built around  a foundation of competent movement and progression


If you are interested in team training contact Jason for pricing. 

Please note: currently this is only available in Lindfield, Haywards Heath and Surrounding areas. 


Doing Sports at Home

Remote Coaching

Tier 1 Programme 

This is for the person who wants the best they can get outside of One-to-one training.

you are

  • Motivated and Consistent with your training.

  • Value your health and or performance  

  • Like to be educated and learn 

  • Don't need your hand held.

You may be wanting

  • High-quality programming that is adapted to yourself

  • To be more athletic 

  • To get stronger and/or more explosive 

  • To perform better physically in your sports and need guidance

  • You want to get maximum enjoyment out of your sport 

  • To avoid dealing with inexperienced coaches promising everything 

  • A coach that cares more about you than their followers and likes

  • To know more about training but time poor in terms of researching effective methods etc – you like to have your programme ready to rock and know the “why” behind what you are doing.


So where do you start first we begin with a questionnaire and follow-up video call to go over your exercise history, injuries, targets of your training and what you want out of it then we build your programme, I say we because when you sign up you are on now on the team.

Each Tier1 Programme has the following 

  • Individualised programme based on your specific physical goals

  • Targeted Injury Prevention Work  (IPW) based on your history and sport/activity common areas of injury

  • Targeted Goals for the Off-season into Pre-season and throughout your season

  • Weekly Coach follow-up and check-ins

  • Dynamic changes to your programme weekly if needed based on your session feedback, travel, and holiday schedules, 

  • All TrainHeroic App features which include 

  • Readiness to train 

  • Training Stats 

  • Ability to add your own exercises 

  • Ability to upload videos 

  • Exercise History and estimated 1-rep max based on your training data

  • Personal Records 

Tier 2 Programme

The 12-week off-the-shelf programme is supported on the app, based on your sport for example rugby or rugby league and the time of year - Off-Season, Pre-Season, and In-Season for example. 

It has limited Coach support and check-ins

Example Tier 2 Programmes

  • Outside Backs

  • Inside Backs

  • Back row

  • Tight Forward

Tier 3 Programme

The 9-week off-the-shelf programme is supported on the app.

A general programme based on a particular area you would like to improve

options include Strength, Speed and Conditioning for your individual sport or activities. It also includes general fitness programmes designed to get you back on track. 

It has no coaching support outside of the programme plans and is for the person who is self-motivated and happy to complete the programme without this.

All Tiered sports programmes contain 

  • Assisted Videos for exercises

  • Gym Programme 

  • Speed work 

  • General Conditioning Work

  • Injury Prevention Work (IPW)

Non-Sport programmes contain 

  • Assisted Videos for exercises

  • Gym Programme 

  • General Conditioning Work

  • General Joint Injury Prevention Work (IPW)


If you are a competent trainer and are looking for structured but flexible programmes

to help you improve in your sport or activities contact Jason

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