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My Story

I've had my fair share of a beaten up muscles and ego.

Played rugby for 22 years, skied since I was 12 all over the world from NZ, U.S and Canada to the Alps, competed in High school Basketball and Volleyball, Skateboarded (actually still do), Mountain Biked, Road cycle raced, Bouldered and Learnt Kite surfing in Brazil, to name a few.

Two torn Meniscus, Ankle and Knee surgery, Thoracic Disc injury, maybe a torn shoulder (still not sure) and to many sprained and strained joints and muscles to remember.


Jason St Clair Newman

Athletic Development Trainer, Coach and Proud Father

Born: July 74' Dunedin, NZ

BPhEd, DipSpSt, PICP 2, Institut IP (Functional Neurology), ERCA 2

plus a bunch of other stuff like RPR, Active Release Techniques and a really big library of books!

Why did I want to be an Athletic Development Coach?

For me, it is always about helping that young rugby player I once was with the areas of being an athlete that I didn’t get any coaching in, the areas that would have made a huge difference to me as a player.


Working the way I do now with players in youth, colts, senior rugby and across other sports, I wonder how much better I could have been, Instead of training to be a contact athlete, I was training more like a bodybuilder, so much was left on the table physically and performance-wise. 


It wasn’t until later when I became a coach, did I realise just how much of this puzzle I had missed … and this is where I want to make a difference in your training.


I see too many young, amateur, and aspiring players influenced by people with the gift of the gab but no substance often giving poor advice, exercises based on looking good and not actually improving their performance or worse trying to follow professional-level programs that have taken the top 1% of elite athlete’s years of training to get to.


I built this to help you progress under the watchful eye of a coach who cares, and wants the best for you, not to churn out cookie-cutter programmes.  


As a male or female rugby player, you know that physical fitness and performance are critical to your success on the field. You want to be stronger, faster, and more agile so that you can dominate your opponents and achieve your goals. That's where our online programmes come in.

I understand your needs and tailor the programmes specifically for rugby players like you.

Using the latest research and techniques in strength and conditioning to create training programmes that address your specific needs as a rugby player.

With guidance on nutrition and recovery, you'll fuel your body for optimal performance and see real results on the field.

I know that convenience and flexibility are crucial for busy rugby players like you.

That's why the online programmes can be accessed from anywhere, and you can train on your own schedule. Say goodbye to limited access to expert coaches - with the programmes, you'll have access to information and feedback from me at your fingertips.

I also understand the difficulaties that can come from balancing work, families and other commitments. You may have tried other training programmes in the past, but haven't seen the results you were hoping for. You may have also experienced injuries or physical limitations that prevent you from playing at your best. Our programmes are designed to overcome these challenges, so you can achieve your full potential on the field.

Our online programmes are an investment in your rugby career and your overall health and wellbeing. You are motivated and self-driven with a passion for the game, and you deserve the best.


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