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Workout Routine for Today

Cleans - Heavy Day


Just posting this now a day late, has been a bit crazy - felt strong again today lifts are going well happy with the progress.


Functional Neurology Exercises x 3

Indian Clubs

Goblet Squats

Barbell Upright row

Back squat

Good Morning

Bent Over Row

Technical Exercise Total

3 x 3 High Clean Pulls Mid Thigh @64kg 576kg

Main Event

5 x 2 Clean@74kg(1) @80kg(1) @84kg(1) @90kg(2) 1196kg

Assistance exercises

2,3,5 Deadlift @110kg(2) 104kg(1) 1070kg

TOTAL 2842kg

Secondary Exercises

2 x 5 Ab Roller from crouch start

2 x 6 Weighted Chin Ups @92.5kg

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