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Workout Routine for Today

Snatch Workout

Was pretty tired from the weekend retreat we ran in Sussex, so felt a little flat today.

from the moment I set up with the Snatches, I could feel the difference in energy from last week's session. The push press felt ok, did push that up a little bit, but the 75kg lift definitely was tough today and didn't feel fast.


Functional neurology exercises x 3

Catalyst Warm-up

Multidirectional lunges

Barbell warm-up

Technical Exercise Total

3 x 3 Drop Snatch @40kg 360kg

Main Exercise

5 x 2 Power Snatch from Mid-thigh @57.5kg 575kg

Assistance Exercise

3 x 3 Push Press @70kg(1) @75kg(1) @72.5kg(1) 652.5kg

3 x 6 Core rotation presses @10kg

Total 1587.5kg

No videos today although I did post one on my Insta page about a core training exercise I used today.

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