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Workout Routine for Today

Hang Power Clean + Jerk


Just the two sessions this week, the time factor became an issue with some important things going on. So today I combined some clean work into jerks to cover two parts of my training and keep things ticking along


Neuro Warm-up x 3 exercises

Catalyst Olympic warm-up

Barbell Good Morning

Barbell Press

Barbell Bent-over Row

Barbell High pulls

Technique Work Total

3 x 3 Mid-thigh High Pulls @105kg 945kg

Main Lift

5 x 2 Hang Power Clean + Jerk @70kg 700kg

Assistance Exercise

3 x 3 Isometric Dumbbell Split Squat - 5sec holds @40kg 360kg (Per Leg)

Total 2005kg

I feel like my limit a the moment is that 100kg range for me right now, and while it looked good in the video my body knew it had to work hard. In the final set last week I missed on the last rep - so that 100kg lift is about where I am right now, but ....

I now want to get that better and more consistent.

So this was something I learned through my British Weightlifting course in a question I asked our coach. It was concerning finding it hard to improve numbers on the clean.

I put it into action today with a weight that was above what I can clean on my clean pulls from the mid-thigh as that's where I feel I need to get more explosive through.

After finishing those, I dropped the weight on my cleans down to 70kg which essentially is a nice range of 70% of the max and also up there for my overhead work as well, and was able to easily power clean and jerk the weight from that position for 5 sets.

Happy about how that felt today and felt good on the Jerk with that weight as well.

Progress, Progress... Progress

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