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Workout Routine for Today

Snatch Workout


Quick Session today as I was pushed for time - introduced the Drop Snatch exercise into my technical exercise now to get more comfortable in the catch position for the snatch.


Catalyst warm-up

Barbell Complex

Good Morning x 1

Snatch Grip Press x 1

Overhead Squat x 1

3 x through the complex


Technical Exercise

3 x 3 Drop Snatch @40kg 360kg

Main Exercise

5 x 2 Hang Power Snatch @50kg(1) @52.5kg(1) @55kg(1) 57.5kg(1) 60kg(1) 550kg

Assistance Exercise

3 x 3 Push Press @70kg(2) @72.5kg(1) 637kg

Total 1547kg

Happy with today's progress, it was a bit quicker than I wanted to do, but still moved the hang power snatch up to 60kg. The plan is going well, progress is fairly linear at the moment which won't happen forever but as I learn and get more comfortable with the movements it is to be expected.

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