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Workout Routine for Today



Hit my First Weightlifting target and a PB for me at the young age of 47. Nothing amazing in the world of weightlifting but for me a milestone.


Functional Neurology Exercises x 3

Catalyst Athletics Joint Warm-up

Indian Clubs

Barbell Good Morning

Barbell Press

Barbell Back Squat

Barbell High Clean Pullls

Technical Exercise

3 x 3 Clean Pull from Mid-thigh @65kg

Main Exercise

5 x 2 Clean @ 85(1) 90(1) 95(1) 100(1) 100(missed a rep)

Ran out of time for assistance exercises today, but really happy to have hit the 100kg (220lb) for the first time.

Funny enough on the second set at 100kg I was wondering if I should go back down to 95kg, but went for it, got the first rep, and missed the second rep. Slightly annoying but I knew I had pulled the bar too far out and lost it on the catch.

I'm quite happy at this level for a bit of consolidation now, I can feel at 100kg my technique needs to be spot on and a couple of aspects of the lift need to be improved through my High Pull and also Deadlift strength.

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