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Workout Routine for Today



There was no video today as I was in the gym and didn't set it up.

Feeling a bit achy and tired from my England Rugby Coaching Award course from the day before but felt really good and went for it with some new weights on the lifts.


My legs were a bit tight so on the bike for a little bit

Functional Neurology Exercises x 3

Included some RPR today as well

Barbell Snatch press

Barbell Good Morning

Barbell Squat

Drop Snatches

Repeated twice through for reps of 8

Technique work Total

3 x 3 Overhead Squat @40kg @45kg @50kg (bit shaky first rep but last two good) 405kg

Main Lift

5 x 2 Power Snatch @50kg(2) 52.5kg(1) 55kg(1) 57.5kg(1) 430kg

Assistance lift

3 x 3 Push Press @65kg(1) 67.5kg(1) 70kg(1) 607.5k

2 x 30sec hangs

2 x 8 Bodyweight Dips

Total 1442.5kg

Nice to get the 70kg push press up there and felt strong in the lockout.

The overhead squat is still my nemesis, but I want to feel solid on that at a good weight before starting with full snatches. Confidence thing.

Also been sneakily checking out what the totals for the masters lifting place getters were this year... just curious :)

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