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Workout Routine for Today

Split Jerk Day


Keep things nice and simple today as well - just working away at technique and improving my technique.

Today's session list

Split Stance Press

Tall jerk

Rack Jerk

Power clean from floor + Jerk

Front Squat

Inverted Row on rings

Dumbbell Lateral + Bent Over dumbbell shoulder raise

Switch on

Functional Neurology exercises x 3

Indian clubs

Single Arm KB Press

Goblet squat

2 x 5 Split Stance Press @40kg

Main Event

Technical Exercise Total

3 x 3 Tall Jerk @40kg 360kg

Main Exercise

5 x 2 Power Clean from Floor + Jerk @40kg(4) @50kg(1) 420kg

Assitance Exercise

3 x 3 - 5sec Front Squat isometrics @50kg 450kg

Total 1230kg

Secondary Exercises

2 x 8 Inverted Row on rings

2 x 8 Dumbbell lateral raise + Bent over dumbbell raise @7.5kg

technique better today and went up to 50kg on the last set of the Power clean from floor + jerk. Happy with that as it felt fairly comfortable at the moment.

As confidence builds in my technique so will the weights I use.

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