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Workout Routine for Today

Cleans - Full Cleans today


Heavy workout again today (well for me right now) - feeling out technique as confidence grows with the lifts. In comparison to lasts week heavy-lift changed a lot of the workout around and the total volume is much less, however it is up on the key lifts so happy with that

Consisted of

Clean high Pulls,



Ab roller + Weighted Chin superset and

Ring Dips

Switch on

Functional Neurology Exercises x 2

Goblet squats

Barbell Upright rows

OH Presses

Good Mornings

Squats + Lunge combo

Bent Rows

Main Event Total


3 x 3 High Clean pulls (mid-thigh) @60kg 540kg

Main Lift

5 x 2 Cleans @70,74,74,74,80kg 744kg


5,3,2 Deadlifts @104kg 1040kg

Secondary Exercises

2 x 5 from crouch position Ab Rollers

2 x 6 Weighted chins @92.5kg

2 x 6 Ring Dips @ 85kg

Total 2324kg

Here's what the technique looked like - getting better slowly ...

Happy with today's session - again felt good going in and felt good to get the 80kg clean up well. always room for improvement in my technique which is coming along slowly as I understand the key concepts of the lifts.

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