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Workout diary Nov 14-17

Back in the gym proper after an enforced 2-week period.

It’s been a rough two weeks trying to get our house sorted for rental and a new house organised on the other end. Plus looking after the wee man and work.

Between the two of us, it’s been tough.

But we are almost there and the light at the end of the tunnel is close.

I still worked out at home be it at a lower intensity but just kept some short workouts to stay topped up and in the game.

Today's session felt good, especially after a poor sleep.

Trap bar 3 x 1 @145, 155 and 157.5 new PB for this programme.

Close grip bench

6 x 3 @55kg

Zercher good morning

3 x 8@50kg

Pendlay row

2 x 8 @65kg,67kg Weighted dips

2 x 8 Bodyweight + 14kg, 20kg

Snatch grip shrugs

2 x 8 @50kg

Standing landline rotations.

3 x 5 each side @ bar, bar +5kg, bar + 10kg

Pretty happy considering my energy levels and sleep disruption the past month.

Hit a new PB on the trap bar today, probably could have gone a little heavier but was happy to stop there with a new number.

Also, some a heavier rows and dips felt strong at bodyweight + 20kg.

Hoping to be back in some sort of rhythm now.

I could tell the body needed to have a good workout in a gold training environment.

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