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Workout Diary March 6th - 12th

Wednesday 8th

Fast benching day today

Board presses felt good as well.

A1 - Bench Press

8 x 3


B1 - 3 Board Press (well I used a rolled-up foam mat to guide me on this one) - used Fat Gripz

6 x 3

66, 74, 84, 94, 100, 106kg

C1 - Chin up


bodyweight + 20kg

I did these as 1+1 rest-pause reps with 5-sec pauses between reps

D1 - Chest-supported Rear Felt Raise

3 x 10


D2 - Ab Roller 2 x 10

Friday 10th

Deadlift day!!

I hadn't deadlifted in a couple of weeks so I wanted to start out easy today on these and did some cluster sets with them. It always feels good to pull up a dead weight and I like the sumo position as it places less stress on my lower back than a conventional technique.

I do use both

A1 - Sumo Deadlift

5 x 3

108, 116, 124, 108, 116

I did these as cluster sets with 10sec rests between reps ad a reset between each rep.

B1 - Hang Clean and Press

4 x 2


keeping up the slow introduction of the Olympic lifts - always feels good to move the weights fast.

C1 - Wide stance good mornings


54, 578, 60, 63kg

D1 - Barbell Shrugs

3 x 8


Sunday 12th

First 1's on the floor press - felt strong, and really happy with a new PR here - a little bit of a sticking point but still getting stronger slowly and surely. #seasonalstrength continues on track.

A1 - Floor Press

5,3,3,3 @ 40, 50, 60, 70kg

5 x 1 @ 80, 90, 100, 110, 115

1 x 8 @ 92kg

B1 - DB decline tricep extension

4 x 5


B2 - Chest supported DB row - Fat Gripz

4 x 8


C1 - Cable face pull

4 x12

25, 25, 27, 27kg

C2 - Spread Eagle Sit Ups

3 x 10

5, 10, 10kg

Sessions are moving along and I'm happy with the progress and recovery between sessions - two of those keys have been sleeping and increasing the calories. I'm still only focusing on three sessions a week and don't see myself adding in any more than that.

It works really well with my schedule and also my ability to recover.

At 48 it simply isn't as good as when I was in my 30s and nowhere near my 20s. The goals are still all in place and I'm slowly chipping away at them week by week.

The key is I am really enjoying the process and excited to train each day in #triplejgaragegym

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