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Workout Diary Jan 8th - 15th

The Triple J is Underway

The rack arrived start of the week and was built fairly quickly after that, pretty happy with it a great bit of kit very solid and got it at a discount from the Strength Shop crew here in the UK.

So now it's in place I can finally start lifting a little easier.

In these 8 weeks before transitioning into the spring block for the #SeasonalStrength programme I am running, I have switched out of the wave programme I was currently on for the past 4 weeks into the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 programme.

It's nice to have someone else write the programme for you, and I'm no different.

I haven't used the programme before although well aware of it and had the book for a while I wanted to give it a blast through these final 8 weeks.

I'm using the total body structure and altering just the accessory work volume as I know what works for me on that side of things at 48 after 20+ years of rugby, skiing, mountain biking skateboarding and all other kinds of body bashing the body just doesn't

recover the same :)... apart from that all of his other recommendations I will be using.

Wednesday 11th

A1 - Front Squat

3 x 5


B1 - Close Grip Bench Press

3 x 10


C1- Chest Supported Row

3 x 10

15kg DBS

D1 - Hanging knee raise

3 x 10

D2 - Tricep Rope Pushdowns

3 x 10


Friday 13th

A1 - Back Squat

3 x 5


B1 - Bench Press



C1 - Chin Ups

3 x 10


D1 - Cable Face Pull

2 x 10


D2 - Zercher Good morning

2 x 10


Sunday 15th

A1 - Back Squat

3 x 5


B1 - Military Press


40kg, 46kg, 52kg

C1 - Deadlift


65kg, 75kg, 85kg

(I hadn't deadlifted heavy outside of trap bar's in a while so wasn't sure where I was on this)

D1 - 1 Arm KB Row

3 x 10


D2 - Dips

3 x 10

Bodyweight + 19kg KB

D3 - AB Roller

3 x 5

Between days I have been focusing on Signal Six and Fascial stretch work to help with range of motion and mobility.

Overall really happy with the first week of training.

As Coach Wendler mentions in his book this is about checking the Ego at the door and doing the programme at the lower percentages Versus maxing it out all the time.

Very interested to see where this takes me over the next 8 weeks of training into the Spring block.

Be Prepared

Be Consistent

Be Athletic

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