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Workout Diary Jan 1st - 7th

Happy New Year


Jan 1st

First workout of the year under the belt, starting it the way I want to continue it.

Today's session was the first of the year with the #SeasonalStrength structure.

Warm Up

Signal 6 and some Medicine ball walking work

A1 - Snatch Grip Deadlift



B1 - Push Press

4 x 4


C1 - Pull up



C2 - Weighted Pushup

3 x 8

15kg plate

D1 - Rope tricep pushdowns (new pulley system trial)



The session went well, Snatch grips felt strong, not maxing out and not worried about that, I can feel the strength is coming along nicely.

The low volume of workouts of the #SeasonalStrength system that I am implementing, 2-3 a week helps with recovery (especially at my age) and

also, the low number of exercises per session keeps the volume in check.

It feels doable and I can hit some good numbers as I build.

My goal again isn't to be a powerlifter but to use this stage to get stronger, it's important to remember there are many ways to do this and I'll be using a number of them to get to mt goals.

Jan 4th

The second session was completed, on track for a good first week of training.

Today was a heavier split squat session to start, still not got the rack for the heavier work, so at the moment it's still getting the bar off the floor to the shoulders for leg work.

A1 - Barbell Split Squat



B1 - Wide Stance Good Morning

4 x 4


C1 - Javelin Press



C2 - Alternating DB Row

3 x 8

17.5kg Dumbbells

D1 - Single arm Cable Tricep Extension

3 x 8


Split Squats felt good today, Javelin press is a great challenge I first heard about these through Ashley Jones and went off and researched them. They are a great test of wrist and shoulder strength and challenge the body in a different way than a traditional single-arm press. Good to keep the body guessing - and falls into the repetition without repetition category as you learn how to stabilise the movement.

Jan 5

Took the chance today to do some mobility and stretching work.

One of my promises to myself is to do more of this, even for 5 minutes this year, it's often the ugly step-brother as we would all rather just train and lift and do the fun stuff. But this is the work that allows us to recover and keep going with all the other work, I like to think of it as insurance, we'd rather not pay it, but it's good to know you have it.

Athletes and clients who do it regularly notice the benefit.

A great resource (not the only one, and not the only option out there) is Dr Kelly Starrett's Supple Leopard book.

The Ready State also put out a lot of free videos as well, check out the website.

Into this, I also incorporate some Signal Six work, essentially some isometric bodyweight movements that I feel help me move smoother and feel good. I have been trialling for a while now and will start giving to the players and clients I work with to do.

Jan 6

Last session of the week as far as lifting goes.

Working out in the Triple J garage gym definitely is going well, no waiting for the equipment, train when I want, started to put down the flooring now, and the rack arrives Monday.


Medicine ball work and a barbell circuit.

A1 - Behind the neck press



Between each set did 10 reps of IPW (Injury Prevention Work) each time accumulating reps in different planes of movement for the shoulder joint.

Multiple different flyes, weighted shoulder circles, rotator movements

B1 - Good Morning with a staggered stance

4 x 4


Also included IPW for legs - single leg work focused on knee support

C1 - Inverted Row

3 x 8


C2 - Set 1 DB Reverse Lunge // Set 2 DB Lateral Lunge // Set 3 DB lunge

1 x 8 each leg

2 x 15kg DB

D1 - Tricep Rope pushdown



Today was a good session, not the best but not every session will be like that, just the way it is.

My son had woken up last night so my energy levels were a little flat.

Excited to start to get some of the rubber flooring down in the garage, it will make a big difference to the feel and also the space in the area.

Pictures will follow.

Have a good weekend

Stay Strong, Stay Athletic, Stay Happy

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