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Workout Diary February 13th - 19th

Wednesday, February 15th

Rubbish Session !!!

I came down with a bug on Monday and am still not 100%, so I dropped percentages down and am taking it easier on that front.

A1 - Back Squat

3 x 5

54, 68, 81kg

B1 - Bench Press

3 x 5

42, 52, 63kg

C1 - Bent over Row Dumbbells - Fat Grip

3 x 10


Friday, February 17th

Still feeling under the weather low energy levels, poor sleep all week is hitting hard.

A1 Box Squat

3 x 5

52, 66, 82kg

B1 Bench Press

3 x 5

42, 52, 63kg

C1 Mcgill Bird dog - square

1 x 16

Sunday, February 19th

The energy coming back a little, but had the little man all day today so impossible to work out safely with him running around, he did get in some solid bench presses though LOL.

Just hit some very easy deadlifts and walked out.

A1 Deadlift

3 x 5

50, 63, 75kg

In reflection

One of those weeks, training was in the toilet because of feeling rubbish, and then a combination of poor sleep compounded the issue.

So just took it very easy this week.

Should be good to go in the last week of this programme and excited to see where the strength levels have gone as a result of it.

Before retuning back up into another.

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