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Workout Diary Feb 20th - 26th

Last week of the 5,3,1 programme, I used this week as a testing week for two movements, the Squat and the Bench Press.

Really happy with my progress, putting 15kg on the squat and 10kg

on the Bench for 1 rep maxes from my start point in January.

Wednesday 22nd February

A1 - Back Squat

7 x 1

100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 155kg

B1 - Floor Press - Fat Grip

3 x 5

42, 55, 65kg

C1 - Single Arm Cable Row

3 x 8

20, 25, and 30kg

Friday 24th February

A1 - Bench Press

8 x 1

60, 70, 80, 90, 96, 100, 106, 110kg

B2 - Box Squat

3 x 5

62, 77.5, 93kg

C1 - Weighted Chin Ups

3 x 6

Bodyweight + 10kg

D1 - Floor Press - Fat Grip

8, 6, 6

60, 70, 80kg

Sunday 26th February

Today was the start of a new programme - this will have a Bench Press focus as I want to bring that up strength-wise as I attempt to get back to my best on that and surpass it.

I feel like the Squat is progressing nicely, and will focus on moving it faster in this programme alongside the Deadlift.

This will also be the first introduction of Olympic Lifts into the programme - I will build these back slowly and am not concerned with the amount of weight I use on them as I build into the Spring section of the #SeasonalStrength programme.

The Bench Programme is a programme designed by Date Tate from his Bench Press Manual

I will keep the main parts in place and may tweak some of the accessory exercises based on my needs, but apart from that the aim is to keep as much of it in place as possible.

A1 - Floor Press


4 x 5

Bar, 30, 40, 50kg


6 x 5

60, 70, 77, 84, 88, 92kg

1 x 8


B1 - DB Tricep Extension

2 x 8

11kg (holding back weight on this due to the heavy tricep work that's been going on over the past week)

B1 - Chest Support Row

3 x 8


C1 - Band Face Pull

3 x 12

Green Band

Today's session was tough on the triceps and I felt a few tweaks due to doing similar work in the past 7 days, but happy with the way the floor presses felt.

It wasn't the best session as I was rushing through it due to a time restriction I had, I don't like doing that, and it felt like the session quality was down because of that.

Next time I will make sure there is enough time banked to get this done with the right rests and keep that quality high.

I will also drop the bench for the tricep extension work into a decline to change the stress on the triceps.

Bench 1 x 110kg

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