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Workout diary Dec 21 - 24

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Day two in the Triple J Garage Gym

Today was a similar Rep scheme but with a different emphasis

Used a signal six routine for prep work

Then into a medicine ball walking warm-up

Barbell Split Squat



Weighted Chin-ups (I think I weigh around 85kg)



Ring Dips

3 x 8


Barbell Goodmorning (Used a different stance for each set - Shoulder width / Close / Wide)

3 x 8


Band Pushdown

1 x 20

Black band

I was a bit tired from an average night's sleep, little man was up at 3 am and then at 6 am.

But no excuses still got it done.

Christmas Eve Workout

Last Session in for the week before Christmas.

After a morning of food prep for our Family Christmas Eve Dinner, I hit the Triple J gym for a quick workout.

Barbell RDL



Military Press

4 x 6


Skater Squat

3 x 8

Bodyweight + 5kg

Supinated Grip Barbell Row

3 x 8


Standing Barbell Rotation

1 x 20

20kg bar

That's a wrap for this week - very happy to get in three sessions and get back underway.

week 1 of 12 completed of the #SeasonalStrength

Merry Christmas!

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