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Workout Diary 6th September

Back in the Groove

Today was the start of a new programme I have written that combines a lot of different ideas melded into an ongoing programme.

It consists of two workouts a week which is what looks like will be the easiest for me to get in at the moment due to my new work schedule.

It has elements, of Westside, Dan John, Buddy Morris, Ashley Jones and GAIN network coach ideas weaved throughout it.

The goal is to get stronger, and stay athletic - but also with the realisation that I'm not 20's and 30's anymore and going for high totals etc.

One goal is to get a 100kg Split jerk, Keep the 100kg Clean and rebuild my Deadlift back up to close to 2x bodyweight again.

Today's workout


Functional Neurology exercises




Goblet squat + curls

Main Event - Horizontal Load Week

A1. Power Clean 3 x 3 @60, 64, 70kg

B1. Snatch Grip Deadlift 3 x 3 @70, 74, 80kg

C1. Barbell Good Morning 3 x 8 @30kg

D1. Split Jerk 5 x 2 @40kg (av. speed1.23m/s, Push band)

E1. Pendlay Row 3 x 8 @40kg

F1. Ab Wheel from crouch 2 x 5

With Horizontal Loading, each exercise is completed before moving to the next.

The weights are also not maximal for the heavy movements this week, but at intensities that should stimulate the system to wake up (it's been a bit under-stimulated from an intensity perspective over the last 4 weeks).

This is an experiment of one so keen to see how it goes.

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