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Workout Diary 30th July

Great workout with my little 3.5 year old Josh working out with me (well that consisted of him swinging on the rings between sets but it's a start) - Sun was out so we worked out in the back garden before we headed off to the playgrounds!


Goblet Squat

KB Swings

Half Kneeling Windmill

Main Event

3 x 8 Snatch Grip High Pull @40kg

3 x 8 OH Press @40kg

3 x 8 Inverted rows on the rings

Barbell Complex 3 x 3 @24kg


Clean grip high Pull

Clean grip Snatch

Back Squat

Good Morning

Bent over Row

1 x 20m Suit case carry @28kg

2 x 5 Hanging Knee raise

Reboot Workout 31st July

Hip opening work

3 x 10 Goblet squat + curl @24kg

3 x 10 Ring Dips

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