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Workout Diary 26th July

After a short holiday in Spain for my birthday - (where I did get a chance for a mini workout) back into the groove this week with the first of my hypertrophy-based workouts.

I have been doing a lot of strength work recently and now wanted to break it up for some sessions and move back to some higher reps (8) not too much higher.

Today's workout consisted of



Upper Body Rolls

Goblet squat + Curl

KB Swings

Main Event

3 x 8 Hang Clean and jerk @50kg

3 x 8 Front Squat @50kg

3 x 8 Chin Ups @ bodyweight

3 x 3 Barbell Complex

Barbell Row + Clean + Overhead Press + Back Squat + Good Morning @ 24kg

2 x 5 Ab Wheel

1 x 20m Suitcase carry @28kg

My forearms were definitely pumped after the clean work - again I went top to bottom on this like a circuit resting between each exercise and then repeating the cycle.

before moving to the barbell complex and lastly the ab work and carries

Reboot Workout 27th July

Today's reboot consisted of several hip and spine mobility movements and some shoulder stability work from Tim Anderson at Original Strength.

Really like his videos and have recommended and used a lot of his stuff as references for athletes I am coaching.

No point in reinventing the wheel when Tim has a lot of great info on his Youtube channel to follow and use. Highly recommend it.

Finished off with 3 x 15 Goblet squat + Curls with the 16kg kettlebell

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