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Workout Diary 26th - 31st

First workout back in the Triple J Garage after Christmas.

Hope you all had a great time wherever you are in the world.

Sticking with the strength theme into the second week of the programme.

This week is a wave down in reps and an increase in weight.

A late session meant a workout out under the iPhone torch as there's no electricity or light set up out there, certainly a bit different to your normal gym set up :) bit makes you appreciate that doesn't matter where you are there's no excuse to not get under the bar.

Tuesday 27th

Signal 6 Warm-up

Neural Exercises

A1. Push Press



B1. Barbell Split Squat

5 x 5


C1. Neutral grip Chin up

3 x 8


C2. Single Leg Goodmorning with Plate

3 x 8


C3. Overhead Db Tricep Extension

3 x 8


D1. Banded pushdowns

3 x 20

Black Band

Pretty shaky after this one, no rack means I have to clean the bar to the shoulders and off each time for the shoulder and leg work, which adds a little bit more spice to the workout, but also means I can't go as heavy as I may with a rack set up.

Hammys were feeling the single-leg good morning work today, it was quite interesting.

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