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Workout Diary 25th August

Back into it after a lovely holiday, and some time for the body to do something else.

Easing back into things this week.

Today did a Kettle Bell Ladder, I heard about these from Dan John, and thought it would be a good intro back to lifting this week.

The warm-up was as usual

Functional Neurology Exercises


Contralateral Work,


Goblet squat + curls.

The sessions went like this

Single arm KB clean x 1 + Single Arm KB Front Squat x 1

I repeated this each time however, added one rep for each set so it looked like this

1 + 1

2 + 2

3 + 3

4 + 4

5 + 5

all with the 20kg KB

did this non-stop so HR got up a little as well

At the end of this did the same sort of ladder but with a

Half kneeling Press @20kg and TRX Inverted Row

Finished with a waiter infinity walk and 2 x 5 ab rollers.

What's the Infinity walk?

I heard about these quite a while ago, and they are a movement for helping the left-side and right-side communication in the brain, balance, and learning.

They were detailed by a lady called Deborah Sunbeck PhD to help improve learning, and are explained more in detail in her book "Infinity Walk"

Today I used a waiter's walk with the 16kg KB overhead while performing them to challenge my shoulder stability, my left shoulder has been a little niggly for some reason and am getting on to making sure it is taken care of.

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