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Workout Diary 23rd - 29th Jan 2023

Good week of training, this was the higher percentage of weights being used for

the programme.

The last session of this week marks the last session of the month and almost the first 4 weeks of the 5,3,1 programme (there is a down week to go but the first session for that starts in Feb.

Below are some stats for the month from the Train Heroic App that I use for myself, players and everyday athletes I work with.

You can see how volume has slowly built over the month.

I haven't been using any maximal weights through this block of training

The total volume has been building and you can see how that undulates as the month has gone on. To be fair each session apart from the first three exercises isn't planned and I just go on how much energy I have. The last session today the 29th was the highest volume session for the month because I felt good all session and felt I could handle more work.

But you can see other sessions that were much lower not by plan but just because that was where I felt for that day.

This is, in essence, autoregulating your training, adjusting how much you do base on your energy, mood and how you feel after the warm-up not on a pre-planned workout of defined reps and sets and exercises.

Some days it's on, some days isn't, and adjusting my workout up or down depending on that is I believe the way a person should train.

Too many factors outside of training can affect a planned workout week, so to believe we can just write a "Periodised Programme" where we believe the body will predictably react to it in a certain way and therefore that is what we should do is short-sighted.

Tuesday 25th

A1 - Back Squat


95, 107, 120kg

B1 - Bench Press

3 x 5

60, 68, 78kg

C1 - Bat Wing Rows

3 x 6


D1 - Single arm Cable rear delt

4 x 10


D2 - DB tricep Extension

4 x 10


D3 - Ab Roller

3 x 10

A solid squat session today, the 120kg felt good, it was a conventional squat, not a box squat, and the rest of the session was more or less dedicated to little muscles around the shoulder joint and upper back.

Friday 27th

A1 - Box Squat

3 x 5

42, 52, 70kg

B1 - Bench Press

5, 3, 6

68, 78, 88kg

C1 - Weighted Chin-ups

3 x 10

Bodyweight + 2kg

D1 - Weighted Dips

3 x 10


D2 - Bent over Rear Delt Flyes

3 x 10


E1 - Barbell Shrug

3 x 10

60, 70, 80kg

E2 - Staggered Stance Squat to Hinge

3 x 5


my Bench felt good today, haven't lost sight of the 140kg goal, so working slowly back towards that and hopefully through it sometime in the future.

Also for the first time plugged in a different hinge/hamstring exercise today which is a Frans Bosch drill for hamstrings which I quite liked and will try for a while.

Sunday 29th

A1 - Box Squat

3 x 5

51, 63, 75kg

B1 - Sumo Deadlift off low pin

5, 3, 7

86, 98, 110kg

C1 - Barbell Overhead Press

5, 3, 5

46, 52, 58kg

D1 - 1-Arm Landmine Row

2 x 10


D2 - 1/2 Kneeling Landmine Press

2 x 10


D3 - Close stance Good morning

2 x 10


E1 - Cable Face pull

3 x 10

21, 22.5, 24kg

E2 - Landmine Anti-Rotation

3 x 10

10, 15, 20kg

F1 - Band Pull Apart

1 x 100

Red band

Felt really good today, reversed around the deadlift and overhead press today, something i felt would work better for me based on last Sunday's session.

I have also shifted to lifting off the lowest pin on the rack, which is something I have been thinking about based on what Dan John had discussed that he does with lifters who are over a certain age.

It doesn't mean I won't lift from the floor ever but on my heaviest lifts, it feels better for my lower back and Sacroiliac Joint. It's important to remember I'm not trying to be a powerlifter or compete in which case I would lift off of the floor as that is what's required in a powerlifting meet.

I also got a new Landmine attachment for the #tripleJgaragegym which I was playing around with today. Very happy with it, just adds some movements in there that I like and will use with players in the future.

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