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Workout Diary 16th - 22nd Jan

Tuesday, Jan 18th

Today's session was a bit rushed because of time so no assistance work but got in my three main lifts. When this happens it's not something I stress about, it is what it is, I'm not a professional athlete, and there can be other things in life that need to be taken care of.

Good session though and felt strong.

A1 - Back Squat


88, 101, 113kg

B1 - Bench Press

3 x 8

55, 64, 73kg

C1 - Barbell Row

3 x 8


Friday, Jan 20th

A1 -Box Squat

3 x 3

42, 53, 63kg

B1 - Bench Press


64, 73, 82kg

C1 - Chins ups

3 x 10

Bodyweight + 1kg

D1 - Barbell Kroc Row

8, 10

Bar + 10kg

D2 - DB lateral Raise

2 x 10


D3 - Barbell Bicep Curl

3 x 10

20, 20, 23kg

The bench felt good today especially nailing 8 reps on the final set.

I did use some RPR before the last set, whether is psychosomatic or not always feel stronger on the pressing lifts when I use it.

The assistance work today was playing around with different things and a bit of a guns lift with some barbell bicep curls to finish.

Sunday, Jan 22nd

Solid Session today

A1 - Front Squat

3 x 5

50, 63, 76kg

B1 - Barbell Overhead Press

3 , 3, 7

43, 50, 55kg

C1 - Sumo Deadlift

3 , 3, 8

74, 86, 100kg

D1 - DB Bench Press

3 x 10

17.5kg DB's (heaviest I have)

D2 - DB Chest Supported Row

3 x 10


E1 - Suspended DB Incline to Flat Bench Press

4 x 8

Black Bands

17.5kg DB's

E2 - Band Face Pulls

3 x 15

Black Band

F1 - Hanging Knee Raise

3 x 5


So today was one of those days where energy felt good and was up for a big workout.

The first lifts felt good, and then they played around with some suspended Dumbbell presses for variety and just to see what they were like.

I went from Flat Bench up a notch each set on an incline for each respective set.

Normally you would go the other way so that as you fatigued you could bring in more of the chest to help, but since it was an overhead pressing day I went the other way so less of the chest would be helping as I got to the higher position as it fatigued.

These were something I saw @realmattwenning do for some stability work and copied them.

He used Kettlebells which would work much better, but I didn't have two kettlebells of the same weight so just attached the bands to them.

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