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Workout Diary 27th June

Back under the bar

It's been a couple of mixed-up weeks, tweaked my back randomly in a session, and that came right, then the other side of my back went into a bit of spasm last week.

All fun and games, nothing serious but enough for me to pull back and rest it up.

So I sat down, looked at what I was doing and changed up my programme.

The first session in the gym today went something like this


Neural exercise 1 x vestibular 1 x Reflex


Goblet squat and curl

Half Kneeling Windmill

Main Event

3 x 3 Clean grip Hang Snatch @ 30kg

3 x 3 Military Press @ 42.5kg

2 x 5 Inverted row with 2sec phase at the top

2 x 5 Hanging knee raise

2 x 30m Each arm Waiters Walk @ 16kg

No videos or photos or videos of the session, just getting back in and finding the groove.

My body felt great, back felt great - tomorrow will be an easy session of mobility work and some light exercises.

Target is three quality sessions per week with two mobility tune-up sessions.

Reps and weights will change and have all been based on the numbers I was hitting pre-injury. You will notice they are significantly lower, to begin with, but this will build

back up over time and from week to week.

Lets see

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