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Training Log - March 27 - April 9th

It's been a busy Easter break but I have been getting regular sessions in and seeing good results.

Wednesday 29th March

Had a pretty wicked Sinus headache today, but as with everything sometimes just doing something helps.

A1 - Bench Press

8 x 3


B1 - Db Tricep Extension

2 x 8

17.5kg Fat Grips

C1 Pull Downs

6, 8, 4


D1 - 2-Arm DB Clean

2 x 10


E1 - Russian Twist

3 x 10


Friday 31st March

Deadlift day, still only doing these every third week, small progress but that's fine, as it's not the focus of this programme.

A1 - Sumo Deadlift

6 x 2 (Wave set)

114, 120, 127, 120, 127, 135kg

B1 - Push Jerk

5 x 1

40, 44, 48, 52, 56kg

Note: still keeping these light, not too fixated on shifting a lot of weight.

C1 - Wide Stance Good Morning

5 x 2

66, 70, 74, 70, 77kg

D1 - Db Lu Raise

3 x 12

5kg plates

E1 - Hise Shrug

1 x 12


(this was more of a play-around to check this form of shrug out)

Monday 3rd April

Shifted the Sundays session today, as I had a fun day out with my Son, and wasn't going to cut it short for a session - Priorities!

A1 - 2 Board Press

5, 6 x 1, 1 x 3

70kg, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 125kg(PR), 100kg

B1 - Incline Close Grip Bench Press

2 x 3


C1 - Barbell Row

4 x 10


D1 - Bent Over Rear Delt Fly

3 x 8

8.5kg, - 7.5kg (slowed the rep down to take the momentum out of it

E1 - YTW

1 x 12 - 2kg

F1 - Hanging Knee Raise

3 x 10

Wednesday 5th April

A1 - Bench Press

8 x 3


Note: Shifted the Dynamic day weights up 2kg, as I was coming off the bench

B1 - Db Tricep Extension

2 x 8

17.5kg (Fat Grips)

C1 - Pull Downs



D1 - 2-Arm Db Cleans

2 x 10


E1 - Ab Roller

3 x10

F1 - Zottman Curls

2 x 6

4, 5kg

Note: testing forearm response

Friday 7th April

A1 - box Squat


120, 125, 132, 140, 150kg(PR)

Note: Squat felt good today, Back feels stronger

B1 - Push Jerk

4 x 3


C1 - Single Leg RDL

3 x 3


Note: Shifted to these today, my back felt tired after the Box Squats, and didn't want to push it on heavy Good Mornings

D1 - Db Lu Raises

10, 8, 8


E1 - Seated Db External Shoulder rotations

2 x 10


Sunday 9th April

Deviating from the programme as set out, and using Isometrics at the sticking point Versus Pin Presses. I want to see if this helps my forearm issue at the moment.

I am warming up with Pin Presses though.

The tested Isometric weight at the weak point was 160kg.

The target in the next three weeks is to try and get that weight to shift off the pins.

A1 - Bench Press Isometric - sticking point

Warmed up with Pin presses

was able to get up to 150kg for 1

Main set

4 x 3 x 5s

160kg (wasn't sure if I went too heavy after the warm-ups so reduced next set)

155kg (lifted off)

158kg (lifted off)


B1 - Barbell extensions on Floor

3 x 8

30, 37, 40kg

C1 - Kettle Bell Row

2 x 10

20, 24kg

D1 - Front Plate Raise

2 x 10


E1 - Cable Face Pull

3 x 10

27, 30, 30kg

Isometrics went well, 160kg is the right weight.

Looking forward to seeing how these work for me.

The bench is feeling strong, the only issue is the forearm which doesn't hurt in my exercises.

This is the last 3 weeks of the programme so I am interested in seeing where I end up come testing time!

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