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Training Diary 6th July

Session 2


Neural exercise 1 x vestibular 1 x Reflex

6 point rocks

Upper body rolls

Goblet Squat and curl

Main Event

5 x 2 Clean grip Hang Snatch @ 34kg

5 x 2 Military Press @ 44kg

5 x 2 Inverted row with 2sec phase at the top

5 x 5 Hanging knee raise

2 x 30m Each arm Waiters Walk @ 20kg

This session was the same as last week except for the change-up in reps - going a little heavier and fewer reps. Overall felt good and still not outside my comfort zone in terms of strength. I will test it a little more next week with a 6 x 1 session but overall happy with the back progress.

Reboot Workout

Today's session was again a nice combination of foam roller work, breathing stretches - this is where I hold each stretch for 5 deep breaths through the nose, it's a method I have been using for years now, nothing new I just prefer to do it this way versus holding for a time etc and some rolls and rocks.

finished it up today with 5 sets of Goblet squats all with the 16kg

These went like this

6 x 20sec holds at the bottom position with a curl before rising each time

2 x 10 squat and curls

2 x holds at the bottom position for 10 curls each time

finished up with 2 x 5 reps on the ab roller.

Enjoying the tonic workouts and they fit into the schedule well at the moment.

Feels like they are keeping the body in tune but not pushing it overboard which is key.

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