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Training Diary 4th July

Session 1 Of the Week

Not much Fireworks today, just a good solid workout.

Because I haven't been able to get to the gym had to make some changes so I could use the equipment I have at home


Spiky Ball roll

Fish Exercise :)

Goblet squat and curl


Main Event

3 x 3 Snatch Grip deadlift @ 60kg

3 x 3 Single Arm KB Floor Press @ 28kg

2 x 5 Pull ups @ bodyweight

3 x 15 KB (Kettle bell)Swings @ 24kg

2 x 20m Rack carry @ 20kg

Everything felt good, still taking it easy on the Deadlifts etc, but the back feels good.

To be honest all the weights are comfortable at the moment but most probably around 70% of RM max for each exercise.

Wednesday will be a heavier day with a 5 x 2 day.

Tuesday 5th July

Reboot Workout

Continuing with my Reboot workouts, where I go through a bunch of stretches, mobility moves, rolls and finish with one exercise with a light weight.

Today was

5 x 15 KB swings @ 16kg

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