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Training Diary 29th June

Session 2 of the week

Yesterday I did a nice tonic workout that consisted of 5 x 15 KB swings with a 16kg and then went through hip and upper back mobility work.

This is an experiment for me of inserting an in-between day of a light exercise for higher reps combined with the mobility work.

Felt good about it, and my body felt good today for it, didn't affect the lifts that I could tell.

The only issue today was that I was so excited to work out that I started too close to lunch, a Rookie mistake! that I should know better about.

Todays Session was


Spikey ball rolls on the feet

Fish reflex exercise

Under the leg ball passes

Fig 8 Ball passes

1 x 10 Halo

1 x 10 Goblet Squat and curl

1 x 3 each side 1/2 Kneeling Windmill

Main Event

3 x 3 Power Clean + Jerk @55kg

3 x 3 Front Squat @ 55kg

2 x 5 Chin up @ Bodyweight

2 x 5 Ab Wheel roll outs

2 x 20m Suitcase carries @20kg

Again the volume is low and I performed this like a circuit with the first set of each exercise then the next exercise and back to the top, the only movement I do by itself is

the carry right now across all the workouts.

The body is being pushed a little bit but not too hard right now.

More importantly, my back feels good working out with no issues.

The plan is for another Tonic workout tomorrow - probably something like Goblet squats and stretches and then another session on Friday although I might have to shift that around because of not being able to go too the gym Friday and needing a rack for my plan.

Might need to switch that C workout to Monday so I can the rest at home.

Stay Strong and Keep Lifting

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