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My Workout Routine Today

Dumbbell Circuit

Short and Sharp


Variation on a Javorek Dumbbell Circuit

  • Curls

  • High Pulls

  • Bent Over Rows

  • Muscle snatch

  • OH Press

  • Squat to Press

  • High Pulls

  • Zottman Curls

Had some time today to get in a sneaky DB Circuit

Went like this...

Reps were for each exercise, no rest between exercises.

Switch on

Functional Neurology Exercises x 3

Main event


Round 1 - 6 reps @ 2 x 15kg DB 1440kg

Round 2 - 3 reps @ 2 x 15kg DB 720kg

Round 3 - 2 reps @ 2 x 15kg DB 480kg

Total 2640kg

30-45sec rest between each round

Took about 6-7 minutes to complete

Don't give excuses you don't have time to train

Dumbbell Circuits can be short, sharp and

efficient way to train !

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