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My Workout Routine Today

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Barbell Complexes

Feeling the effects of the previous day so changed the plan


Barbell Complexes

Feeling the lower back a little too much from previous two days work to do a heavy session today, to be expected to be honest, So went with some complex work with the bar and trying out a new exercise.

  • Hang Clean from Knee + Push Press

  • Hang Clean Mid thigh + Tall Jerk

  • Bent Over Rows - Supinated Grip

  • Ring Dips

I'm a big fan of Barbell Complexes more exercises in a row can be a really effective and time efficient way of training, and that's why I'm a big fan of them. Again Istvan Javorek has a huge amount of different complexes in his books so it's a great place to start to get some ideas if you unfamiliar with them.

I've also seen some great stuff from weightlifting coach Mike Causer at LOWA (Mike is a great coach and well worth a check out)

I'm a big fan of Barbell Complexes

Today I went with classic complex the Hang clean and push press, and then mixed it up with the tall split jerk, something I hadn't done before.

The first set it was a bit of getting my head around on the Tall jerk, then I decided to drop the weight so I could get my technique dialled in better - remember never sacrifice technique for weight.

Once I did this the exercise felt much cleaner in my execution.

If you don't know what the Tall Jerk is here is an excellent video by Catalyst Athletics (Note - This isn't me :) ) The Version I used today was the second version demonstrated in this video

The Workout

Switch on

Functional Neurology Exercises x 3

+ Goblet Squat

+ Halos

+ Good Mornings

+ OH Press

+ Barbell Row

+ Clean pulls from knee

Main Event


6 x 3 Hang Clean from Knee + Push Press @ 50kg 900kg

6 x 3 Hang Clean Mid thigh + Tall Jerk @ 40kg 720kg

3 x 6 Barbell Row - Supinated grip @ 40kg 720kg

3 x 6 Ring Dips @ 85kg 1530kg

2 x 30sec Hangs from bar

Total 3870kg

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