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Training Diary 13th July

Today's session was a sort of max day to see how progress is going, and how the body felt going heavier. Reps were quite strict in execution for example zero knee bend in the Overhead press from a paused start.


6 Point Rockers

Upper Body rolls

Goblet Squat and curl


Spiderman Crawls

Main Event

6 x 1 Clean grip Hang Snatch @ 30kg, 34kg, 40kg, 44kg, 50kg, 54kg

6 x 1 Military Press @ 34kg, 40kg, 44kg, 50kg, 54kg, 60kg

6 x 1 Inverted row with 5sec pause at the top

6 x 1 Hanging knee raise

2 x 30m SA Suitcase carry @ 28kg

Really happy with how everything felt and the weights have gone up the overhead press I could have got two with which is around a 95% lift - so going into the next phase of training I have a rough idea of where my weights should start off each session.

It will never be exact as strength can fluctuate daily. I also had a rubbish sleep so doubly happy with that.

The next session for this workout will be a 2 x 5 session then breaking for two weeks of 3 x 8 workouts and repeating a strength cycle - Just in time for the holiday to Spain.

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