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Training Diary 11th July

Another home workout, just the way the cookie is crumbling at the moment.

Nice hot day to workout and nothing like training in bare feet


Spiky Ball roll


Fish Exercise :)

Goblet squat and curl

6 Point rock


Main Event

5 x 2 Snatch Grip deadlift @ 64kg

5 x 2 Floor Press @ 64kg

2 x 5 Pull ups @ bodyweight

5 x 15 KB (Kettle bell)Swings @ 24kg

2 x 20m HI-Lo Carry @ 20kg & 24kg

Last of the 5 x 2 workouts today.

Body feeling good - the Hi-Lo carries were tough but good to complete.

REBOOT workout 12th July

Feel good workout today, consisting of

6 point rocks


Head Nods


Signal 6 Circuit

Good stretch out focusing on hips and chest

Then finished with 5 x 1 Goblet squats with 10 curls sitting in the bottom position each time.

Fast becoming one of my favourite things to do for mobility.

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