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Train Like a Pro... When You Are One

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

It's all good reading articles or seeing videos on strength and conditioning of the latest on training and especially on what your favourite pro is doing, however one thought to keep in mind that I got from coach Steve Myrland - is 'Train like a Pro when you are One'

This is a very important concept coach Myrland speaks about, too often recreational athletes get caught up trying to imitate and at times copy the type of programme a professional athlete is on... often to their detriment.

What's forgotten is that these women and men are at the professional level because they have put in the right work over a long time, and they are often very talented to boot. (Otherwise all we would have to do is train hard and we would make it right?)

To copy their programmes and what they are doing isn't in my view a good option.

It's fine to see what it looks like it's another thing doing what's right for where you are in your journey now.

Train right for you!

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