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Sleep - Don't fool yourself


It's a pretty simple statement to understand, even if you aren't trying to improve in your sports we all still need quality sleep.

There's plenty of studies to show this, one such study recently compared sleep deprivation to inducing alcohol and showed that it impaired cognitive function, speed and accuracy.

While this study was on people within the transport industry and military personal it can still be applied to everyone including you.

So what can we do

  1. Get to bed early - Just do it and stop kidding yourself

  2. If you have a busy mind, write everything you are thinking about in to a journal or a A4 piece of paper, and put it down. That way your subconscious will know that you wont forget it when you wake up.

  3. You've read it before - but stop the bright lights and phone reading before lights out.

  4. Get in to a routine, of waking up at the same time and going to bed at the same time - this I only sleep 4 hours because I'm a super worker is a load of S***, if you were a super worker you would have had it all done before you needed to stay up.

  5. Have a dark room, bright rooms are no good for quality sleep, if you can't fix that wear a mask, whatever you need to do, make that room dark

  6. DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR PHONE TURNED ON NEXT TO THE BED ! what are you scared of missing that can't wait to the morning?

  7. Avoid the caffeine hit too late in the day

  8. Avoid excess alcohol, while you think you are sleeping really well after a few drinks, the alcohol disrupts your sleep patterns, did I also mention it kills your testosterone and contributes to men to your 'Man Boobs', ladies it will also mess up your hormones.

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