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My Workout Routine Today

Power Cleans


Good session today, also experimented with some other stuff as well that I thought was interesting from another coach I have seen.


Usual Prep today

Functional Neurology Exercises x 3


Goblet Squat

Barbell Complex - Good morning, Squat, Press, Bent Row, Mid-thigh Pull

Technical Exercise

3 x 3 Clean Pulls from Knee @107.5kg

Main Lift

5,3,2 Hang Clean @70kg, @71kg @72.5kg


3 x 3 with Rocker Box Jumps off a bench with 2 feet and also single feet to a 20inch box

Assistance Exercise

3 x 3 Jerk Press @70kg @71kg @72.5kg

2 x 4 Single leg Rotating Back extensions @5kg

2 x 4 Punch Push-Ups

Overall a fun session today, just mixing up some stuff - still keeping my key lifts in there but adding some variety to give the body a few different things to think about.

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