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My Workout Routine Today

Snatch Workout - Put in My Place!


So felt good today a the beginning of the session and was looking forward to the session.

Good warm-up and integrated a couple of different things today just to get my brain going.

Technical Exercise

3 x 3 Drop Snatch @40kg


3 x 10 each arm Single Arm KB Swings @20kg

Main Exercise

5,3,2 Power snatch from floor @55kg (1) From Hang @60kg (1) @62.5kg (1)

Assistance Exercises

2 x 6 Chin Ups

2 x 8 V-Bar Dips

2 x 10 Seated rotation with plate press @10kg

So the session started well, felt good, then the snatches from the floor today I tried for the first time. The first set as you can see was a bit shaky as I tried to get used to catching from starting at the lower position I was all over the place!

Rep 1 - out the front

Rep 2 - overcorrected behind

Rep 3 - a little better

Rep 4 - a little too far forward

Rep 5 - overcorrected to the back a lot


In the last set at the heaviest weight I ended up pushing it into the position on the first rep which would be a no lift and the psychological side came in and left the second rep for a bit.

After putting the weight down, regathered and ended up getting a better hang snatch.

What did I learn.. time to back the truck up and nail the lower lifts at a lighter weight.

I think for me right now the 62.5kg hang snatch is about the maximum for my technique.

I also felt my middle back light up like crazy which is why I took it easy on the assistance exercises.

So it was a good learning day for me, got a lot out of it, and will now concentrate with a lower weight on that low catch.

Actually writing this on Tuesday, and my mid-back is still feeling it!

First Set

Last Set

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