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My Workout Routine Today

Hang Clean + Jerk


With the weather not playing along this week, I lifted heavy on the two days, and Wednesday I did a mini recovery circuit indoors here at home.

Which was a simple 10 exercise circuit 1 x 10 reps of each and then done.

Today I continued to combine the Clean and Jerk movements in one session.

Technical Exercise

3 x 3 Hang Clean High Pulls @107.5kg 967.50kg

Main Exercise

5 x 2 Hang Clean + Jerk @70kg(1) 75kg(4) 740kg

Assistance Exercise

5,3,2 Snatch Grip Deadlift @60kg 600kg

2 x 8 Isometric Oblique Plate punches @5kg

Total 2307.50kg

Overall, still feeling a bit tired from the weekend, although today's session felt a lot better than Tuesday's session energy-wise.

The heavy High Pulls help the hang clean come up easy, felt a little shaky on a couple of reps on the jerk, one where I caught the end of my nose on the press didn't help at all, first time doing that, and I can recommend avoiding.

Again - nice progress, slowly but surely feeling my way through.

Here's a look at the Isometric Plate Punch

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