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My Workout Routine Today

Recovery Circuit


So if you have been following along you will have noticed my recovery circuits are not the same each time. Normally I like to keep them different for some variety - but also because the movements of my main workouts are fairly consistent in what I do mixing it up and changing some angles of movement here and there keeps me interested.

I'm not focused on hitting new goals or weights with these, but more about doing some different movements, changing it up and getting the heart rate up and raising lactate levels.

Could I go a lot harder - yes definitely could, but right now this is where I am in my process.

Switch on

Functional Neurology exercises x 3

Ramp up

Multidirectional Lunges 3 x 5 each leg

Goblet squats 1 x 10

Main Event


3 x 6 Power clean (mid thigh) to up on toes and press @30kg 540kg

3 x 6 Front Squat @30kg 540kg

3 x 6 Dumbbell Bent over row @30kg 540kg

3 x 6 Lateral Lunge @15kg 270kg

3 x 6 Step ups @30kg 540kg

Total 2430kg

So you can see even with light weights the volume is pushed right up

Rest periods were about 45-60sec between each set.

So in total this workout took about 2:30 for each set so around 10minutes all up not including the warm up, not bad for a quick 3 set routine.

You can easily replace most of these movements with Dumbbells and use a circuit like this on the road to keep your body in tune.

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