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My Workout Routine Today



My workout routine today was about earning the right, and regressed it from last weeks session.

Well it was actually yesterday but I ran out of time to write it up.

Today I got to train at the awesome new facility Until based on Charing Cross road near Tottenham court station.

I wasn't able to do any video or take pictures as there were people training.

This is where I will be basing myself out of for my private training sessions, and hopefully I can get a really cool video to show you the layout, it really is one of the best training spaces I have seen in London.

Switch on

Functional Neurology 3 x exercises

Ramp up

Indian Club swings

Snatch Grip Presses

Good Mornings

Back Squats

Main Event


Technical Exercise

3 x 3 Overhead Squats @30kg 270kg

Main Exercise

5 x 2 Power Snatch (Mid thigh) @40kg (3) 45kg(2) 420kg

3 x 3 Push Press @60(1) @65(2) 570kg

Supplementary Exercises

2 x 30 Hangs from chin bar @30sec

2 x 8 DB bench Press @36 & @38kg 592kg

2 x 10 Lateral Oblique Isometric holds on GHR

2 x 10 Medicine Ball Fig 8's and Circles

Total 1852kg

With the Overhead Squats I'm really trying to work on my depth and comfort in the receive position, feel like this is the weak point of the lift at the moment and the reason why I backed the truck up a little on these versus using the drop snatches.

Quite happy with the session because the power snatches and the push press were both up in weight from my previous session and felt good.

Volume down today, as I mixed things up a little bit more and the previous nights sleep wasn't the greatest.

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