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My Workout Routine Today

Higher Intensity Day - Cleans


Today's session was my first heavy session back after last weeks British Weightlifting Course.

Body felt good and ready to go so took advantage of that with a higher intensity session, and working on some of the technical lifts.

Main exercises for today were

  • Hang High Pulls

  • Hang Clean (mid thigh)

  • Split stance press

  • Tall jerk

  • Hang Power Clean + Push Press complex

  • Deadlifts

  • Lateral and bent over dumbbell shoulder fly's

  • Hangs from the bar

So today pushed up the weights that I hadn't done across some of the exercises.

Switch on

Functional Neurology x 3 exercises


Paused Goblet squats

1 x 5 Front Squat @30kg

1 x 5 Hang Power Clean (mid thigh) @30kg

1 x 6 Hang Power Clean (knee) @30kg

1 x 6 Clean Pull @30kg

Main Event Total

3 x 5 Hang High Pulls @60kg 900kg

5 x 2 Hang Clean Mid thigh @70kg 700kg

2 x 5 Split Stance Press @30kg 300kg

3 x 3 Tall Jerk @34kg 306kg

4 x 2+2 Hang clean + Push Press @60kg 960kg

5,3,2 Deadlifts @100kg 1000kg

2 x 8 lateral and Bent Over Dumbbell shoulder fly's

2 x 30sec Hangs from chin up bar

Total 4166kg

Good session today, if you know what you are looking for you will see a number of mistakes which I need to work on over a few of the lifts.

But this is a work in progress, and being able to identify those mistakes on some of the key components to improve is how you get better.

Looking forward to looking back at a later date to see progress.

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