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My Workout Routine Today

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Snatch Key Positions

Technique Focused


Start of the new week, post Easter, and my workout routine today consisted of working on the first of the key positions for improving my Snatch.

Using a top down approach it went something like this

  • Snatch Press

  • Overhead Squat

  • Drop Snatch

  • Snatch High pull

  • Hang Power Snatch Mid thigh + Hang Snatch

  • Light Deadlifts + Hanging knee raise

  • Single arm KB Presses + Chin Ups

Workout Routine

Switch On

Functional Neurology Exercises x 3

Ramp up

Halo's x 10

Paused Goblet squats 10 x 2sec

Snatch Grip OH press 2

OH Squats 2 x 5

Good Mornings 2 x 5

Bent over rows 2 x 5

Main Event


3 x 3 Drop Snatch 1@20kg, 2@30kg 240kg

3 x 3 Snatch High Pull @30kg 270kg

Complex 1

2 x 2 Hang Power Snatch Mid thigh @30kg(2) 120kg

2 x 1Hang Snatch @30kg 60kg

Complex 2

2 x 2 Hang Power Snatch Mid thigh @34kg 136kg

2 x 1Hang Snatch @34kg 72kg

5,3,2 Deadlift @70kg 700kg

2 x 10 Hanging Knee raise

5,3,2 Single arm KB OH press @24kg 480kg (24kg ea arm)

5,3,2 Weighted Chin up @ 90kg 900kg

Total 2958kg

It looks a little complicated but is actually quite simple when you see it.

Here is some videos of the session - Lots of Work to do, but that's why I am happy to post it, I'm still in that learning process myself.

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