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My Workout Routine Today

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Higher Intensity Day


Higher Intensity Day

  • Heavier weights today with low reps.

  • Some explosive stuff at the start and moving in to the heavier exercises.

  • Why I think we need to remember and it's ok to not compete with the Pro's (unless you are one)

My Third workout of the week is normally a higher intensity day where I lift heavier.

Depending on how I feel this may be 5 x 2 reps or 5 x 3 reps (if I'm feeling good)

Today I went with 5 x 2 reps, it had stopped raining so I could get the barbell out and train outside which is always great!

Session went as follows

Switch on

Functional Neurology exercises

Main workout

5 x 2 Power clean with 50kg Total 500kg

5 x 2 Deadlift with 90kg Total 900kg

5 x 2 Single Arm Overhead KB Press with 28kg Total 280kg

5 x 2 Chin ups with 10kg Total 950kg

Total 2630kg

Finished up with some Lying DB tricep extensions, Hanging leg raises and Lateral shoulder raises for 3 x 8 reps (weight was fairly easy for these)

That's not heavy!

Now you are probably looking at those numbers thinking, they are pretty average, but need to make you aware I am coming off what has been my lowest base ever in my life since I started training seriously, the end of Covid and some other health issues.

So I'm not putting pedal to the metal yet, I have some targets which are back to to a 140kg deadlift (about 1.5x body weight) and a 100kg clean - think tortoise and the hare.

At 47 (going on 48 this year) I'm not trying to break world records or become a power lifter, I want to be strong, mobile and move well, retain as much explosiveness as I can to keep up with my now 3.5 year old and build/retain muscle mass.

Personally I think we need to remember (unless of course you are or you have worked up to that level) to avoid training like an elite athlete.


Simple they have the time to rest, recover have regular soft tissue work and train full time...

it's their job.

As young athletes and recreational athletes we have lots of other stuff going on

  • School, study and exams

  • Work and business stresses

  • Young children

  • Sleep disruption ( hands up that's me with my son waking up a lot the past 3 months during the night)

We tend to forget that these other things compete for our energy which is often the trap and can be why people who start hard and fast and burn out just as quickly or worse get injured.

When training athletes at the recreational level this is always in the back of mind regardless of age, as I said in a previous article, sure it's great to see what the Pro's are doing but often it's recipe for disaster to copy them.

What's you thoughts?

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