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My Workout Routine Today

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Be adaptable


Lighter Session today
  • Drop Snatch

  • Hang Snatch Mid Thigh

  • Deadlifts

  • Push Press

  • Chin ups

  • Swissball DB Chest Presses

  • Ab Wheel

Lighter session today, this would normally be on Tuesday but as I said in yesterday's blog it was a day of olympic lifting technique and exercises that took the place.

I felt good today so wanted to incorporate some resistance in to the programme not just taking it too easy.

As I get older ...... this has been key for me to remain injury free.

One method I use is listening to the body and how it feels on the day, sometimes I'll have something written and it's going to be too hard or easy based on my energy levels, maybe I had a great sleep maybe Josh woke up 3 x in the night and my energy is low.

I feel you have to be adaptable and be prepared to change your plans if the situation calls for it. As I get older (I wish I did more of this when I was younger), this has been key for me to remain injury free.

I also judge rest this way, sometimes I need more sometimes I need less, I let my body dictate, although I will be wary if it is a heavy or really fast session that I get adequate rest.

Focus today on quality of reps at speed.

The Workout

Switch on

Functional Neurology Exercises x 3

+ Goblet Squat

+ Halos

+ Good Mornings

+ Snatch Grip OH Presses

+ Overhead squat

Main Event


3 x 3 Drop Snatches @ 20kg 180kg

3 x 3 Hang Snatch Mid Thigh @ 30kg 270kg

5 x 3 Deadlift @ 70kg 1050kg

5,3,2 Push Press @ 30kg 300kg

5,3,2 Chin Ups (85kg Bwt) 850kg

2 x 8 Swissball DB Chest Press @ 17.5kg Db's 560kg

Ab Wheel Roll Outs 2 x 5

Total 3210kg

Swiss ball Chest Presses - heard of them? they were popular in the 90's, I like to mix them up as it isn't heavy so safety isn't an issue, and you can argue all you want but there is a lot more working through the back to stabilise through the spine.

Could I lift heavier on a bench? 100% of course stands to reason, but that wasn't the aim

for today.

Ab Wheel? yes, it works as a good isometric exercise for the midsection I also do other Ab work in other planes of movement as well which I also consider to be very if not more important as they are often neglected, but that's in another workout.

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