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My Workout Diary

Had a tweaked back last week.


Had a bit of a tweaked back last week so took some time out of training and took it easy.

This week I was back into it and seemed to be recovered well and with no issues.

In saying that I still lowered my weights significantly to see how things felt.


1 x 10 Halo rotations clockwise and anti-clockwise @10kg

1 x 10Goblet squat and curl with 20kg KB

Technique work

1+1 x 3 Snatch Grip Press + Overhead Squat @ 40kg

Hang 10s between sets

Main Work

3 x 4 (1+1) Front Squat + Split Jerk @ 40kg

1 front squat + 1 split jerk repeat 4 x each set

10s hang between sets

2 x 15 Single arm Kb Swing @ 24kg

5,3,2 Chin Ups

1 x 30m each side Single arm farmers walk @ 24kg

It was a good session today, felt good moving well, my back feels fine, and rebuilding back up is underway.

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