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My Workout Routine Today

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Dumbbell Circuit


Dumbbell Circuit for Recovery

Today is an easier in terms of Intensity (I always measure intensity as a percentage of weight I use: heavier weights = higher intensity) where I focus more on recovery and stimulation on some basic exercises with weights that are fairly easy some higher reps and shorter rest periods to encourage some lactate build up, as we know from studies higher induced lactate levels stimulates growth hormone production in our body, which can help us recover.

Now when I say higher reps, that is normally around the 8 range, I have found for me that has worked well through out my training.

For today's session though it will be 6's and it will be a simple Dumbbell circuit.

Switch on

Functional neurology exercises

Main Workout

  1. 1/2 Squat to High Pull 6 reps

  2. DB Overhead Press 6 reps

  3. DB Front Squat 6 reps

  4. DB RDL 6 reps

  5. DB 1/4 Squat to High Pull 6 reps

  6. Bodyweight Squat Jump 6 reps

I complete the 6 exercises back-to-back with a combined weight that is around 35% of my body weight (2 x 15kg DB's)

I then take a short rest of about 45-60sec max and repeat 3-5x

Today it will be 5x as energy levels feel pretty good (I have also been building up to this over the weeks, and started out with only 3 sets initially)

This will take me around 15minutes to complete which isn't long, but then again I don't need a long session today, my goal is to get in get it done.

If there is one mistake people make and then brag about is spending too long in the gym doing nothing then claiming they went to the gym for an hour.

If we take a look at the numbers here's how it works out.

Total Reps per set 30 (only counting the weighted reps here)

Total Sets 5

Total Reps 150

Total Weight per rep 30kg

Total Weighted Work Volume 4500kg

30 reps x 85kg Bwt (squat jumps) 2550kg

Total volume 7050kg

All up when finished, my heart rate will be up, there will be some good lactate levels due to the shorter rest periods and speed of the workout.

Dumbbell and Barbell Circuits are a great workout to plug in for days like this,

I use them with my athletes as a transition from their In-season back in to Off-season training for variety and a break away from what they have been doing to keep the body in condition and will often revisit them throughout a yearly programme.

I was first put on to them by Istvan Javorek and his book 'Complex conditioning' and have since learnt other varieties from Vern Gambetta and Dan Noble at GAIN alongside just creating my own.

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