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Getting better with British Weightlifting Certification

Snatch's, Cleans And Jerks.

My traps are still twitching from all the exercises!

No workout today, as I spent the day working on Snatch's, Cleans And Jerks.

I started the Level 1 British Weightlifting Certification today with Coach Nicole Booth it was excellent, informational and I really enjoyed it, definitely came away with a better perspective of the three key lifts and now it's on to the other work to complete the first level and then go for my Level 2 and be a certified coach.

I always am trying to learn more so I can be a better coach and the olympic lifts is an area I wanted to get improve in not only for my athletes but for myself personally.

Looking forward to this journey, and the knowledge I can pass on.

Some key aspects I enjoyed were the breakdowns of each exercise and various teaching progressions that I can implement straight away with a couple of my athletes who I know are struggling with improving their lifts.

Also some really good heads up knowledge from Coach Booth like using the Jerk as an option to improve sports performance alongside more traditional options such as the clean and snatch.

My personal work ons - gotta get under that bar on the snatch so I will be incorporating Drop Snatches in to my programmes to get this better.

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