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Back in the Saddle - Training Diary 19th December

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

The Triple J Garage Gym

So the big move has happened, and now officially out of London and into the country.

Today was the first training session I have been able to get done properly.

I still have my goals of a 100kg overhead press and back up to a 140kg bench and I am incorporating them into a system of training through an idea that first came onto my radar on a Dan John talk and then again after hearing something similar on a podcast with Christian Thibaudeau. The idea is to focus on certain aspects of physical development with the changing seasons across 12-week periods.

I am not training for a specific event, I don't play rugby anymore, but feeling strong, and athletic being able to demonstrate to athletes I am working with and being able to keep up with my son as he grows are important to me.

So the idea as I mentioned is to train seasonally with a focus on that season.

it doesn't mean I neglect everything else it just means there is an emphasis on a particular physical attribute.

There will continue to be major influences from coaches I have learnt from and this will ultimately be my take on it, but I will always give credit to those who's work or idea's I am using

So the plan is as follows (this was how Christian Thibaudeau mentioned a client of his had set it out that kind of made sense to me).

Starting this week (although we are already in Winter)

First 12 weeks - Winter

Strength focus - heavy weights - very few exercises - big compound movements with the odd exercise thrown in to work on weak points

Second 12 weeks - Spring

Power Focus - More Olympic-style lifting

Third 12 Weeks - Summer

More sprint, plyometric and athletic-based, lighter weights

Forth 12 Weeks - Autumn

More Hypertrophy Based Programme

It leaves 4 weeks of a 52-week year to play around with maybe use as transition style weeks for example.

So to begin this off

I'll probably be aiming for around 3 sessions a week depending on schedules.

It will have influences from Louie Simmons, Ashley Jones, Dan John and a few others that I will credit in due course.

Today was the first in the Triple J Garage Gym, it's been a while since I lifted heavy so eased my way into this today with the weights.

Rest was as needed and felt ready to go.


Wave reps - 6,5,4,6,5,4


Push Press

4 x 6 reps

40kg (a bit easy to be fair)

DB Split Squat

3 x 8

2 x 15kg


Pendlay Row

3 x 8


Tricep kickbacks

3 x 8

12.5kg DB's

and that was it - body felt good, a bit rusty bit good.

I finished up with some Signal 6 reset work and session one under my belt.

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