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Are you doing this to be a better athlete?

Being a better athlete is more than just the physical side of training.

Quite often we get caught up in the physical side of our training after all that's easy to measure right?

However, we forget that importantly one of the key reasons for being successful is our mental side and approach to our training, competition and skill development.

Control the controllable, all the rest is out of your hands

One of the approaches I use in my coach development and also with the athletes I work with is to do simple reviews after every session.

These don't have to be insanely in-depth but should cover the important aspects of the session.

So how do I do this?

Question 1

What went well today?

Often we focus on our negatives and leave the positives out when we do a review, I like to lead with this because finding positives in our training and competition is important.

It always feels good to know there are things going right.

Question 2

What didn't go so well?

So here we can look at those things that didn't go well, could be improved on or we were unhappy with. It's important to only look at the things under YOUR CONTROL, control the controllable's all the rest is out of your hands. You can't change the weather, the official's decision, or what your opponents did for training.

Question 3

What can I improve on next time?

This is very key, as it gives you a focus for the next session or competition - again this is something you can control such as going to bed earlier, making sure I leave earlier so I'm not rushed, warming up properly, eating well before my competition.

These simple three questions asked after a training session or a game and written down in a journal, or on your phone and then reviewed before your next session or game will keep you moving forwards.

I have found this invaluable to my development.

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